Monday, March 15, 2010

Amazing Teff Chocolate Chip Cookies

Teff cookies in jar

These unusual cookies came about out of necessity:  we were in the middle of our weekly family night pizza dinner when I realized that we had forgotten about dessert.  Within fifteen minutes, and with the help of two of my children,  a big batch of scrumptious cookies was baking in our oven.  The whole house smelled wonderful by the time the timer beeped.

Teff tastes nutty and earthy.  It goes really well with almond or peanut butter and (as I found out) dark chocolate as well.  These vegan cookies are quite addictive but full of wholesome ingredients.  They are sweetened with maple syrup, which adds a buttery sweetness that does not overwhelm.  The dark chocolate chips are less sweet than regular semi-sweet chocolate chips. I prefer it that way, it allows the flavors to really come through.  My teenage son thought they were even better the next day.

My next post will feature a sinful hazelnut-chocolate spread.  Nutella doesn't stand a chance...

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Teff cookies

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Amazing Teff Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 cup roasted almond butter, unsalted
1 tsp vanilla extract
4 oz unsweetened applesauce
1/2 cup pure maple syrup

1 1/2 cups teff flour

1/8 tsp salt
dark chocolate chips

  • Preheat oven to 350F.
  • Oil two cookie sheets.
  • In a food processor, place the almond butter, vanilla, apple sauce and maple syrup.  Mix to cream the ingredients together (2 minutes scraping the sides as needed)
  • Add the Teff flour and salt to the food processor and pulse until combined.
  • Scoop batter to make balls 1 1/4" in diameter and then arrange in rows--leave an 1" of space around each one.
  • Flatten with the back of a fork each ball of batter.
  • Arrange dark chocolate chips evenly on top of each cookie.
  • Bake for 13 minutes in the center of the oven.  The bottoms should be slightly golden but the tops will still be slightly soft.
  • Let cool on a rack.
  • Keep in an airtight container in your pantry or on the counter for a few days.


citronetvanille said...

Great cookies! I have teff flour in my pantry and theses cookies are perfect for its use.

♥peachkins♥ said...

amazing chocolate chip cookies!

Dimah said...

Those cookies look very yummy!

GF Gidget said...

The cookies are lovely and all BUT that hazelnut spread sounds AMAZING!!!!!!! I can't wait!

veggie wedgie said...

These cookies look amazing! I just got my hands of some teff flour and was wondering what to do with it! Now I know :)

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

Those do look totally amazing and I am always looking for new ways to eat more teff. Oh the goals I never thought existed, let alone that I would have...

Dawn said...

I love love love this recipe with the use of almond butter, applesauce and maple syrup. I have been learning about gluten free recipes since finding my daughter has a lot of allergies, however, I haven't heard of teff flour! I must look into this. I also love that this recipe has one kind of flour. I don't think I've seen that yet in a GF cookie recipe.

Usha said...

I have never used teff flour yet, need to try them... these cookies look amazing !

Tanvir said...

Can't wait to try these, Alexa. They look yum :-)

wayne said...

Teff is available at

Alexa said...

Oh, good! Let me know if you get a chance to try them.

Peachkins and Dimah,
Thank you for your comment! :-)

It will be up soon. I have finals coming up in school so it's been a little busy.

veggie wedgie,

If eating teff cookies moves you closer to your goals then I am glad to provide you with a recipe. :-)

I am so glad you liked the recipe. I hope it works for your daughter's dietary needs and that she likes them. They were a hit with all my kids.

You would love teff. It's earthy like a lot of the ingredients you already use.

Lovely to hear from you.:-) Let me know how they turn out. Say hello to A for us.

Thanks for sharing your source for teff.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmm, these look divine!!! My new obsession is alternative flours, so this is REALLY exciting to me.

Thanks for the recipe... must buy teff this weekend!

Sophie said...

These are gorgeous! Love the huge chips :).

Anonymous said...

I noticed this recipe on the back of Bob's Red Mill teff flour using peanut butter, but thank you for suggesting the almond butter and chocolate chips - I made these last night and they were delicious! I used pureed dates instead of maple syrup and they were just slightly sweet. Will definitely make them again!

Alexa said...


Thanks for letting me know how the recipe worked out for you! These cookies were based on a recipe I found in Clean Food by Terry Walters.
She called for peanut butter. I altered a few ingredients, omitted some and changed the quantity of the sweetener and salt.

I'll have to try pureed dates next time instead of the maple syrup--thanks for the tip!

Maria said...

Hi Alexa! I love your blog. You have inspired me to make teff flour cookies again. Here is the batch I made this weekend. Let me know what you think!

Maria @

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