Monday, September 1, 2008

OOPS! My Bad...

I want to apologize for a mistake I made on a previous post. Over the weekend, I realized that my Almost Challah recipe had a BIG error in it. It seems that I forgot to type in a very important line while preparing the post. If you followed the recipe as originally posted, you would have found yourself with a unpalatable, stone-like lump. You see, I forgot to type in the tablespoon of yeast needed to make it become the beautiful delicious bread it was destined to be. I am really sorry if you tried it and sadly thought I was insane for declaring this the best gluten free bread ever. It really is... but without yeast it doesn't stand a chance.

I am very careful when I write posts. I check and double check my work. I have other people read them as well to make sure that I only present the very best I have to offer. I sincerely hope this did not inconvenience anyone. If it did, I am so sorry but please give it another chance... I have edited Almost Challah. Try it again, or for the first time. You will not be disappointed.

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