Friday, June 27, 2008


Welcome to the first posting of Artsy-Foody.  You have entered a place representative of my passions: Art and Food.  It only seems natural to combine the two into a patchwork appetizing to the eyes and mind. 

All of the art shown on this site is mine unless otherwise indicated.  I like to work with various mediums including: collage and painting.

My creative needs are also expressed through the recipes I will post on the site.  I like food-- No actually I love food. I experiment a lot in my kitchen and this will be reflected here as well.

Feel free to explore, try out some recipes or just let your mouth water a little at the site of them. 


Bambee said...

Oil Painting,right?

AB said...

That one was with Acrylic. I just played around with the texture.

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