Friday, July 18, 2008

10 lbs of Raspberries

This morning, we went berry picking with my friend R and her daughter. It was beautiful and sweet. We picked and ate. We ate and picked some more. Conversations were flowing over the bushes and time went by so fast. We came home happy with our beautiful red, juicy jewels. What do you do with 10 pounds of raspberries? So far, I have managed to make jam, a raspberry custard and a pie. Not bad for one day's worth of work. Funny thing is: I still have more than half of my box left. Any ideas?


Chefectomy said...


I wish I had your day today...These look perfect! I love Panna Cotta and would just make a simple butter milk version and serve these beautiful whole berries with a raspberry coulis. Scrumptious photos.


Alexa said...


Panna Cotta is something I've never made. I have enjoyed it in restaurants though. This does seem like the perfect opportunity. Thanks for the suggestion!


Katie said...

Yum! We have a raspberry bed in the backyard and I just love them. I haven't baked with them before, but I love them on cereal, with other fruit, with desserts or by the handful.

Great blog!

Alexa said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for your visit. I, too, love berries as they are. What a treat to have them right in your backyard. I am planning to increase my garden next year and most likely will add various types of berries.

Katie said...

Is it crowded where you pick berries? The blueberry/blackberry patch that my family has been going to for a couple of years was very busy this year, and they were picked out every day. I'm glad their business is booming, but I wish there were more berries!

Elra said...

Raspberry + chocolate gelato.
I just made Blackberry Chocolate gelato. I haven't post it yet. It's delice!

Alexa said...

I love the combination of raspberries and chocolate... any berries actually. Your gelato sounds delicious.

Juliet said...

I had no idea you could go raspberry picking. Around here in CA, we only cherry pick. Those raspberries look really yummy and fresh! The lower right hand photograph is really amazing.

Sophie said...

We'd like to invite you to participate in our July berry recipe contest. All competitors will be placed on our blogroll, and the winner will receive a fun prize! Please email me,, if you're interested. Feel free to check out our blog for more details. (Click on my name in the message header link to visit our blog. :)

Alexa said...

We get lots of berries here, all kinds: blueberries, raspberries and blackberries... just to name a few. When I lived in CA, we use to go strawberry picking but that's about it. Thanks for your comments on my blog.:-)

Thanks for the invite. I will come and take a look.

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