Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweet Thing: Agave Nectar

Marc from the wonderful food blog Chefectomy suggested I speak a little bit about Agave Nectar since so many of my recipes call for it.

Agave nectar has been a favorite sweetener of mine for a few years now. It's a natural sweetener created from the juice of the Blue Agave plant. It behaves like sugar or honey in recipes, but is sweeter and more fluid.

I first started using it for health reasons. Even though I don't have diabetes, many sugars send my energy on a roller-coaster ride. Agave Nectar is low on the glycemic index and therefore has less of an effect on my blood-sugar. It's wonderful for its versatility and clean taste as well.

I reduce the amount of sugar in a recipe by about half if I am going to use agave nectar as a replacement. Some recipes, such as muffins, also require you to adjust the liquid level by 1/3 less to compensate for this sweetener's fluidity. However, in the type of baking I do extra moisture is welcomed, and I don't bother with that adjustment.
At times, I use it instead of honey. Keep in mind, that Agave Nectar will not provide the aromatic hint that is so delightful in honey, for that you still need the real deal. It's a great way to sweeten ice-tea and salad-dressings, because it blends right in.

For more information you can go to the Madhava honey website. It's sold in health-food stores, some bigger grocery stores and at Trader Joe's.

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Anonymous said...

I bought some recently after seeing it used on several blogs. I am in love with it - so much nicer than sugar. Sort of in between sugar and honey. I love it drizzled over thick thick yoghurt (strained yoghurt) with a few toasted pinenuts. Its a YES from me for agave nectar.

Esi said...

I just discovered agave nectar too and I am in love with it!

chefectomy said...


Thanks for the mention and the explanation. Keep up the great blogging.



Y said...

Good to know this information, as I've seen quite a few recipes around that require it, and have been tempted to buy some to try.

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