Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dishes Inspired by Others

I travel every day. Blogs allow you to experience different flavors, cultures and ideas. Food blogs offer culinary sightseeing without having to leave your office or home. Need a break from the guy in the next cubicle or your cherub-like children? Click to an Italian blogger's site and you are in Rome licking your gelato. Short of catching a plane, this does the trick for me as I explore the world created by other bloggers.

Food is always a great destination. The picture above was composed from two of my recent visits to other food blogs. The Wednesday Chef posted a middle eastern pepper spread called Muhammara that I just couldn't resist. It's a thing of beauty: silky, crunchy, garlicky, slightly tart at the same time,and simply wonderful on bread. It would be excellent on a cheese-melt or any sandwich. Closet Cooking featured a wonderful, simple, lemony Hummus which is creamy, light and refreshing. I topped it with some smoked paprika and zaatar. After test-tasting both of them, I decided that the two should definitely meet over dinner tonight... they compliment each other perfectly.


chefectomy said...

Clever posting Alexa. Food blogs do allow travel while at home and I love it. Your combination for this evening sounds exotically delicious.


PS - You can go to an American food blogger's site for Italian Granite :)...thanks for the nice comment...

Kevin said...

The travel through food is one of my favorite aspects of cooking! Nice photo. That Muhammara sounds good. That zaatar on the hummus sounds good s well.

Alexa said...

I travel to your blog often for the gorgeous pictures, witty commentaries and wonderful recipes, especially the Granita con Panna.:-)

I'm glad you liked the picture and what I did with the hummus. I had a wonderful canvas to start out with: your recipe.

Esi said...

That's the beauty of blogging - being inspired and then creating and re-creating. Both dips look great!

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